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School of Fine Art Engraving, Ray Cover
Phone: 314-808-2508
Ray Cover's website

Master Ray Cover is now doing traveling Engraving Classes across the US.

Visit Ray's Facebook page for more information at:

Ray Cover's School of Fine Art Engraving

Here is what I have on the schedule so far for 2016.

March 16-20 there is an intermediate class in the St Louis area at Meri Ellen Brooks-Taylor studio in Maryland Heights. She has a great space and location. Our basic class there last Sept was great. I already have 6 people signed up for this class a few of them are pending deposits but I expect this class to fill like the basic class did. So don't wait too long to get one of those last two spots. This class is $700 per student for the five days of intensive instruction.

April 27-May1 Private instruction at Mineral Point, MO

June 27- July 1 The details of this class are still being worked out but there are plans to have a basic class at Valparaiso University in Valparaiso, IN. This class will be $700 per student and the class will be limited to 8 students. As soon as the dates are confirmed on this I will announce it.

Oct 1-5 There will be a basic class at Creative Side | Jewelry Academy of Austin I will have more details on this hopefully in the next week or two. Courtney Gray and I have talked about limiting this class to ten students. I will get the other details worked out and announce them asap.

Oct 8-12 There be another class at Steve Rael studio in Amarillo, TX. This class has taken on its own dynamic. I have already taught a basic class there and I have already taught an intermediate class there. So this will be an individualized class next year. Here is how that will work. The people who sign up for this class will submit a list of skills they would like to cover in the class and I will put together a curriculum around that list. You will need to have good basic cutting skills before signing up for this class. As more details come along I will announce them.

Oct 14-31. I would like to another class in the Colorado area again in 2016. I need to get together with Adam Leech and Justin Westmoreland to get dates set for those.

That is what is planned and in the works for 2016. Here are a couple of things I would like to add to that list as soon as I can get them set up.

I would like to have another class or two at Sarah Michaela Sitarz Quench Studio in MN in late July or August. I had a great basic class there a couple years ago and I would like to back to MN again this year if Sarah and I can get together on the dates.

I also would like to have another basic class in the St Louis area. I will work on this over the next couple of weeks and see what I can work out.

I do also offer private instruction. If you have a particular engraving skill that you would like to work, on it is possible to schedule a few days or a week of private instruction while I am traveling through your area. Or we can set up a session of private instruction here in MO if you want to travel to me.



Intermediate Engraving Classes

The Intermediate classes tend to be very individualize3d with the goal of taking engravers with a good control of basic skills and raising them to the next level.

Students considering this class should already be able to sharpen a square and flat gravers, design and cut basic scrollwork, and have good tool control. (If you're not sure if you are ready for this class, email Ray with some pictures of your work and he sill advise which class would be most appropriate.)

The content covered in this class includes...

* gold line inlay
* gold sheet inlay
* more advanced scroll design
* refining cutting techniques and individual skills

Any level instruction, including advanced, private instruction ($500 per day private one-on-one instruction, 2,000 per week)

Most people interested in advanced instruction have opted for private instruction, rather than a structured class. This works well because it allows the student to work on specific skills in their own time frame.

Email Ray to schedule private instruction.



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